Sunday, June 18th, 2006, at noon, a convoy of vehicles are making a beeline from Windsor for The Embassy, in London, Ontario for a battle of the bands.
Cost is around 10$, includes ticket and transportation.
Band providing transportation is Thane (,
Thane is composed of former Amid Morning Sky and Social Standard members as well as a previously unknown guitarist. They have covered 80s synth pop, Outkast, and have many originals.
First come first serve.
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i is a member
dont i feel special.
id like to say that this is THE best group in eljay existance, and i am more proud to be a member of this group than to be a canadian.
not really, but i thought i'd be hxc and say that.
because its blasphemous.
and thats what unicorns are
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hey everyone!

well, as of right now, everyone is me and rah.
welcome to xcorexunicornsx! fell free to post jsut about anything here.
and remember, every narwhal is a pretty unicorn waiting to be discovered.